Sontronics Microphones

Designed and developed in the UK and meticulously hand-crafted in their two dedicated factories in Shanghai, the Sontronics brand delivers innovative, high-quality professional audio products all of which represent excellent value with no compromise. The line includes a stereo ribbon, a single ribbon, two large diaphragm valve mics –one variable pattern, two large diaphragm condensers -one variable pattern, a hand held condenser vocal mic, & a pencil mic w/3 capsules, available as a matched pair.

Sontronics’ aesthetic styling is very distinctive, constructed using special light weight alloys that are far less resonant than a traditional brass shell.

Sontronics condenser microphones are engineered to deliver a unique, very detailed sound, reproducing an extremely accurate low frequency image with a slight boost around the typical vocal frequencies. Their active ribbon microphones are engineered to deliver a classic ribbon tonality without the impedance problems commonly associated with transformer-based ribbon mics.

The motivation behind all Sontronics microphones and audio products is to offer the customer something that gives stunning, accurate results at a very affordable price, and through every stage of the process, attention to detail is always paramount. In fact, they are so proud and confident of the quality, longevity and performance of their products that they have introduced a Lifetime Warranty that covers all of their microphones and cables.

Sontronics fans and users include an impressive list of recording artists and recording engineers. Visit

While these are primarily designed as studio mics, the STC-1 Pencil mic makes an excellent indoor dialog boom mic for film /television work. It offers 10 & 20dB pads, two high-pass filters and interchangeable omni, cardioid & hypercard capsules.

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X/Y Stereo Ribbon

helios orpheus

Multi-Pattern Tube

Cardioid Tube

Multi-Pattern Condenser

48V Phantom Ribbon

stc5 stc1silverblack

Cardioid Condenser

Cardioid Condenser

Omni /Cardioid /Hypercardioid Condenser