Equipment Consultant and Dealer to the Hardest Working Crews in the Nation’s Capitol

ATS Communications is a sole proprietorship owned by a production person, for production people. With experience in many aspects of professional audio, I understand what it takes to build and preserve your professional reputation as an audio engineer.  Drawing on more than 30 years experience in such diverse areas of professional audio as facility design and installation, music recording, radio, television, live entertainment, news and sports production, ATS Communications offers working knowledge of equipment and applications. 

As the Owner of ATS Communications, I take pride in bringing you a carefully selected line of equipment and supplies for your craft, and I make this promise:

If I wouldn’t use it myself, I will not offer it to you!

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Mobile Recording Services
Multi-Track production trucks for music & other production

Remote /Mobile Production Gear

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    • GoPro Hero HD Camera
    • Lav Bullet -
    • Micro & Mini Grip support systems for audio
    • The Xtender arm for mounting mics & lights on cameras
    • iKan Elements camera mounting system with 15mm rails & accessories

    NEW from IDX- RED Camera Batteries

    New From ATS - New 50/100 WHr multi-voltage universal battery system for mixer bags, laptop computers, lights, cameras, etc. Now with Preset Power up! See the Battery Page

    GoPro Hero HD Camera

    GDH50-02sGREEN_HELMETAt just $299.00, This amazing little camera was the absolute hit of NAB 2010. At the show, the NAB store sold over 1200 Heros in just 5 hours! Available in packages for motor sports, helmet or surf board mounting, but where you put it is limited only by your imagination. A water proof housing and mounting accessories are included. The GoPro Hero has become very popular with extreme sports enthusiasts.
    Watch these amazing videos!
    Recording is H.264 video or stills on a high speed SD card at 720p, 960p, or 1080p, at 30 or 60fps, with either a 127 or a 170 degree field of view. The built in microphone sounds surprisingly good with built-in auto level and compression.

    Lav Bullet

    DSC_0480.1Makes dropping lav mic connectors down clothing as fast as...
    well you know, but much less painful! Connects directly to wires with connectors for Lectro, Sennheiser & Zaxcom transmitters



    Micro Grip System

    Microgrip_qtrviewYou know how versatile the full size C-Stand Grip system is for mounting lights? Now audio folks have a new tool set for getting those mics and antennas where they need to be!
    These new 1.25” grip heads are used with 3/8” rods of various lengths, and adapters for hot shoe
    mounting, 1/4-20, 3/8 & 5/8 threads, clamps, suction cups, a weighted base, and more.

    X-Tender Arms

    LCSM-10 NEWThe two section Xtender arm allows you to position your camera mic or light at whatever distance and angle you want. Easy to use and folds back on itself for storage and close-in work. Two 2-section sizes and one single section arm works on both video & still cameras with hot shoe and 1/4-20 mountings, with hot shoe & 1/4-20 to adapters.




    iKan Elments Camera Mounting System

    v5600_rig15mm Rails, mounting plates, adapters, and other accessories makes the Elements system exceptionally versatile. Use the components to make your own rig or start with one of several kits.

    Mount lens supports, follow focus wheels, mics, monitors, lights and lots more.


    High Powered LED Lighting for Studio & Stage Grids, Location Stands

    Komet_12img_01For the first time, LED’s hit the Big Time, now able to replace many tungsten & halogen PAR & Fresnel fixtures, and even HMI’s with equivalent outputs up to a 6000 watt tungsten or HMI.

    High Output, Low Power Consumption, No Heat, Light Weight, No Lamp Replacements, DMX Controllable, White & Color

    In November 2009 we conducted a DC Road Show, traveling 5 of these new generation lights, each from a different manufacturer and using different technologies, to various customer locations so they could see and compare them side by side.

    See the Lighting section

    CC HDV LogoThis model Camera Boom is made for HDV camcorders, with a fully motorized pan & tilt head and other cool features. Click the logo for more info.


    Zaxcom’s (R)evolutionary Recording Wireless System (Click for more info)

    TRX900Zaxcom’s original ENG system offered many technological first’s. Their Second Generation wireless system is an entirely new tool for wireless audio communications, integrating into a single belt pack Digital Audio Transmission, Stereo Audio on a single RF channel, Digital Audio Return, Internal Digital Audio Recording w/Time Code, and Remote Control for the first time.
    The TRX system offers such never before available features as:

    • Audio Return Channel for IFB or camera confidence return
    • In-Transmitter Mono or Stereo Recording w/ Time Code
      • records up to 12 hours, reduces dependency on clean RF link
    • Single ENG receiver capable of up to 4 audio channels
    • Time Code transmission
    • Reduced Latency Delay
    • Transmitter Remote Control  - Frequency, gain, filter, on /off, etc.
    • 48V Phantom Power on Plug-On Transmitter
    • Extended battery run time
    • Even smaller beltpack transmitter size - 2.3" x .69" x 2.1"

    is3front_medresThe award winning Zylight Z50, Z90 and the new IS3 Panel Z90frontrepresent the absolute state of the art in efficient, high powered, computer calibrated, color corrected LED light sources. Calibrated Daylight & tungsten white at the touch of a button, plus color correction from 2500k-6500k for white balancing against any ambient light, plus Full Spectrum Color mode produces any RGB color or saturation level without gels. All fully dimmable without color shift!


    Not many production people know about this American microphone company, so I premiered their unique product line at the NAB 2004 show. What’s so unique? Well, for starters, an entire line of micro microphones including a high quality micro shotgun mic that weighs only 2 ounces and will surprise not only your ears, but your wallet as well. This mic is perfect as an on-board camera mic for mini camcorders, but I’ve also used it on a boom pole. But that’s not all! Also in this line are condenser mics that are only 2 and 4 inches long by 7/16 diameter. The SCX-One is their top of the line 1/2” diaphragm, interchangeable capsule condenser mic that is just over 4 inches long and 4 ounces. The capsules are manufactured in Germany, the electronics & body in the U.S. It may be small, but this is one sweet sounding mic at a very sweet price.

    Intracom VCom - Intecom over IP

    VCom is an entirely IP based intercom and party line system with the capability to interface to and interconnect hardware intercoms and panels, telco circuits, 2-way radios, signaling devices and more. The Windows client software replicates an intercom hardware push button panel on an IP connected PC or Mobile screen.
    -Yes, a multi-button intercom station on your smart phone!

    Studio Technologies

    Studio Technologies Broadcast products line includes advanced IFB systems ranging from one to four IFB channels with multiple program inputs & built-in telco interfaces. Announcer’s boxes include mic preamps and many advanced features. Their Pro Audio lineup includes audio D.A.’s and a measurement mic switcher for multiple SPL, RTA & other room testing mics. The StudioComm line offers monitoring solutions for surround monitoring and more flexible stereo & talent monitoring.

    MicPort Pro Side-200Centrance Mic Port Pro

    The Mic Port Pro is an In-Line 24/96 USB Mic Preamp with 48V phantom power and a built in hardware level, Zero Delay headphone amp. Plug it between any condenser mic and your computer for instant high quality recording capability.


    See the Zaxcom Web Site for full product information

    Deva5_8The DEVA II was the first fully successful 4 track hard disk field audio recorder with time code for film & television use. With over 6 years and hundreds of major and minor motion pictures behind it, the Next generation of DEVA recorders is here. DEVA is the most advanced, user friendly, feature rich filed field recording / mixing system available anywhere today, at any price. Choose between the DEVA IV (8 track), DEVA V (10 track), DEVA 5.8 (10 track), or DEVA 16 (16 track)  models, recording internally on either a shock mounted hard disk drive and DVD RAM drive for backup, or the Fusion, recording on  redundant compact flash cards for a 100% solid state, no moving parts machine. DEVA can automatically back up tracks simultaneously on a DVD drive or any external Firewire drive. DEVA has a 16 in by 10 out triple matrix mixer. Any input can be routed or mixed to any fader, and any track, and any output can be routed / mixed from any input or track. Analog & AES /EBU is supported. There’s so much more!


    R12ShelfMulticarts and Shelf Kit

    Split shelf kit for R8, R10, R12. One shelf fits fully retracted, both fits fully extended.

    Kit includes split shelf and replacement handles. Cart accommodates up to two shelves.

    Wood shelf has Ozite covering and is supported by telescopic steel rails

    NO-FLAT Tires available to replace all pneumatic sizes

    Heavy Duty Flight Bags are now available for the R8, 10 & 12.

    New Tripod bag slings over the end handle for easy transport.



    SANKEN DUAL LAV MIC - The new COS-22 is a dual capsule design in a single housing. Two omnidirectional COS-11’s are mounted end to end and wired with a single cable. The application for double (backup) micing is obvious, but other potential applications are noise canceling and stereo. The COS-22 is a natural with the Zaxcom stereoline transmitter.








    UltraClamp is a powder coated aluminum alloy clamp measuring only 2.25”x 3.25” x 1.125”. It has a max. jaw opening of 1.5”, and with a 1” rubber disk and a rubber coated base that will not mar sensitive surfaces. It can clamp to flat or round objects, and can be used with the UltraMount or most ball & socket heads.
    The New UltraClamp 2.5 has a larger body with a 2.5” Jaw.

    The Ultrapod I & Ultrapod II are compact, light weight, stable mini tripods with a ball & socket head. The unique Velcro strap allows it, when closed, to be attached to a round object (stand, tree limb, etc.).

    The Ultramount is a ball head with 1/4-20 top & bottom threads. It can rotate on the Ultraclamp at 45 degree indexed increments
    Ultrapods & Ultramounts are injection molded from fiberglass reinforced nylon with aluminum threaded components.

    NEW HIGH CAPACITY NiMH BATTERIES AND CHARGERS including 520 mah 9V w/4 bay charger,  2850mah AA Also 8, 12 & 16 bay combo chargers can do AA, AA, C, D, & 9V cells. MAHA analyzer now accurately measures the condition of your AA & AAA Batteries

    THE IFB SOURCE is our web site devoted to IFB earppieces, Hi Fi Earphones, and electronics. Several lines of earpieces are available as well as amps, wireless, telco interfaces, and more.

    THE ATS BREAKAWAY CABLE SYSTEM  The ATS BREAKAWAY CABLE SYSTEM is a lightweight, highly versatile system of inter-compatible cable harness components. Utilizing the finest ultra flexible 4 pair shielded cable, lightweight durable polycarbonate quick release multipin connectors, and Black/Gold XLR’s, I have been making and improving this cable system since 1989 and it is being used by the hardest working camera crews in Washington DC and around the world.

Featured Products

    This unique, body worn camera boom opens up a world of creative possibilities that are not available with any other camera support. The applications are endless for film, sports, live entertainment, and much more. The Cool Cam can be set up for either mini format (DV) camcorders, for broadcast using a choice of broadcast quality SD or HD remote head video cameras w/ zoom lenses, and now for Super 16mm film!

    New ATS Logo2Check out our new and very cool mounting system to help you mount anything, anywhere. Lights, Cameras, Mics, Cell Phones, PDA’s, GPS, Laptops, etc. - on Stands, Grids, Cars, Bikes, ATV’s, Boats, Aircraft, etc.

    ATS-Ram Boom Pole Cradle
    ATS-Ram Mounting System for production work -
    Boom Pole, Mics, Lights, Cameras, Antennas, etc.

    Ram Mounting System for vehicles


    PELICAN CASES & FLASHLIGHTS - I have carried Pelican cases for years, and many production folks in the D.C. area appreciate being able to drop by and try out every size case to find the best fit for their gear. Personal service, check the fit before you buy, and at very competitive prices. If you are not in the D.C. area, call me to discuss your size needs and for pricing I’m sure you’ll be pleased with.

    NP-1 BATTERY TESTER  - Limited quantity available. Only until  supply runs out. Aspen Electronics’ BT-100 is a unique and handy device for testing the voltage under load of any NP size battery by simulating the load of a camera. This very portable and easy to use unit puts the battery under a 30 Watt load for 20 seconds and tells you how much voltage the battery is supplying. This quick test of the battery’s charge capacity confirms that the battery is ready for use. The last of Aspen’s BT-100 NP battery testers are available at the blowout price of $75.00. That’s 45% off the original price of $135.00. Get one before they’re gone!

    The new middle sibling between the CS-1 & the CS3, this mid-priced shotgun mic is all Sanken, with a uniform & highly directional polar pattern and excellent off axis rejection in a familiar size.




    With the Yoeman 17 on a stand or podium, you can neatly hold up to 17 microphones with flags without the need for clips, goosenecks or clamps. Perfect for press conferences. Smaller holders are available for 3, 5, and 7 mics with clips.

     RKR MICRO CLIPS - UNIVERSAL LAVALIERE MIC CLIPS - This universal clip will securely hold the wire of any lav mic from 0.8mm to 1.5mm or 1.5mm to 2.5mm. Available in black or white. Only $3.00!
    A magentic mount is only $10.00.

    AC-CETERA - Mic-Eze mic stand clips, Rubberneck Goosenecks, and Lumin-Eze portable work lights

    K-TEK MICROPHONE SHOCK MOUNTS - High quality shock mounts and unique accessories from K-Tek offer a different approach to microphone support. Lightweight, rugged, well priced. Check these out.

    NEW NiMH RECHARGEABLE AA / AAA BATTERIES New high capacity batteries run significantly longer than Alkalines in power hungry devices such as wireless systems, mixers, PDA’s and more. They are also significantly more economical than Lithium primary cells.

    LCD MONITORS - Stand alone, Desktop. and rack mounted monitors for field use, control rooms, edit suites, production vehicles, desktop and camera monitors, etc. High quality displays, reliability, cost effectiveness, and the widest choice of sizes and formats available for the broadcast and video production markets makes ATS Communications proud to represent the best names in LCD Video Displays - Marshall Electronics, Boland Communications, iKan, Nebtek

    MIC-EZE, LUMIN-EZE, AND RUBBERNECK- Products from Ac-Cetera. Mic_Eze is a line of high quality clips and clamps for attaching microphones to to a variety of objects, even another mic. Lumin-Eze is a line of small DC powered work lights on clips or  BNC /XLR connectors on stiff goosenecks. Rubbernecks are a line of stiff rubberized goosenecks with 5/8-27 threads (for standard mic clips). They cannot creek, will hold a heavy mic securely and com in several sizes. Also available with XLR connectors for podium use.

    EARTHWORKS MICROPHONES- If sonic accuracy is your goal, you need a mic with a ruler flat frequency response and the widest dynamic range,  capable of preserving all the harmonics, including those above 20kHz. If you want to do all that without breaking the bank, then take a serious look at Earthworks mics. Hand built in a small factory in New Hampshire, they are regarded by many to be among the finest mics available anywhere.

    CEDAR AUDIO NOISE SUPPRESSION - Cedar Audio devices can suppress or remove ambient or electrically generated hums, buzzes, crackles, hisses, rumbles, etc. with unmatched effectiveness with minimal effect on dialog and other program material. Near zero digital latency makes these products perfect for live broadcast applications as well as for post production work.
    The new DNS-One is a Pro Tools plug-in that runs on both Mac OS X and Windows, DNS One offers the same Academy Award winning dialogue noise suppression as its  illustrious siblings.
    The new DNS-3000 system is a fully automated software /hardware dialogue noise suppression system with scenes,  memories, moving faders and full Pro Tools (Mac and PC) integration.
    The DNS-2000 system is a software /hardware system specifically for Mac and PC Protools stations.
    The DNS-1500 is a stand alone hardware only product for general application noise suppression equally at home in live production as it is in post production.

    HEADPHONE /GADGET BAGS - Made for us to fit the Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones, but great as a gadget bag. Made of weatherproof lined rip stop nylon with locking draw strings.

    IFB EARPICES, PARTS, & ELECTRONICS - There are now two new earpieces for IFB, 2-Way Radio, and general monitoring. The Voice Technologies VT600 is a generic fit piece using standard ear tips and a HiFi transducer small enough to fit behind the ear. The Ultimate IFB is a custom molded C.I.C. (completely in the canal) piece with a full frequency micro driver embedded in the earpiece itself. We stock a complete line of parts for IFB ear sets which are compatible with Audio Implements, Telex and Voice Technologies ear sets including a a long air tube for clipping the driver at the waist.
    IFB Electronics include amplifiers, telecom interfacing, dialers, wireless, and more.


    CoolCam Camera Crane - The amazing portable crane for DV & HDV Camcorders, plus broadcast quality SD & HD cameras can be body worn or tripod mounted.

    Kit Cool - Audio boom pole body support (Pictured Left)

    Visit the official CoolCam.US web site for demo videos & additional information.


    ROWI CLAMPS- The genuine article. Three versions of the famous Rowi Clamp and four tabletop tripods with thread adapters. Useable for microphones, cameras, LCD monitors, etc.
    PLEASE NOTE: Rowi clamps have been discontinued by the manufacturer. We have limited quantities of parts at this time