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  • Overview

    A recent study determined that 17% of Americans suffer from hearing loss. Induction Loop hearing assist systems are in increasing demand in the United States by a population that is seeing higher rates of hearing loss and at younger ages than ever before. Studies show that our world is getting noisier, given accellerated construction projects, public transportation, and of course portable electronic devices with earbuds focusing sound directly  down our ear canals.

    Fortunately, hearing aides are also benefiting from ultra miniature electronics and computerization. They are now widely available with Telecoils (T-Coil), which allows them to receive audio signals from any induction loop system without any additional equipment. This helps preserve the privacy and dignity of the wearer by eliminating the effort, embarrassment, and stigma of having to seek out and wear a belt pack and headphones during an event.

    Even better, because they are listening through their own hearing aides, the sound each person hears is optimized by their audiologist for their particular hearing loss. Plus, because hearing aides are in-the-canal devices, a person in the next seat is not bothered by the spill from headphones that are too loud.

    Headphones, on the other hand, amplify all frequencies equally, including those the wearer cannot hear, which is why a hearing impaired person will often not know that they are too loud.

    For those with hearing loss too minor for a hearing aide, but still desire hearing assistance, belt packs with headphones are available.

    While the Europe Union recognized the value of induction loop hearing assist systems decades ago and have required them by law in places of public assembly as well as many customer service points, legislation and regulations in the U.S. are fairly new. See the Regulation section of our web site for more information.

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